Aggregation, load aggregation

英文Aggregation, load aggregation

中文 能源团购效应


(1)The act of creating or managing a large group or block (aggregate) of consumers who join together to leverage their combined purchasing power when soliciting bids from energy suppliers or negotiating rates for services. The term can apply either to groups of private individuals or to commercial and institutional groups. Aggregation usually decreases the costs involved in dealing with energy suppliers, but it does not necessarily result in lower costs for the energy itself. (2)The process of estimating the total demand and scheduling requirements for energy supplied to a group or block of customers


•在向能源供应商征求报价或协商服务价格时,创建或管理一个大型群体或大块(聚合)消费者,以利用他们的综合购买力。这一术语既适用于私人团体,也适用于商业团体和机构团体。合并通常会降低与能源供应商打交道的成本,但它不一定会降低能源本身的成本。 •估计总需求和对供应给一组或一组客户的能源需求进行调度的过程

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