Anchor/mooring equipment of Bergesen’s LNG tankers

英文Anchor/mooring equipment of Bergesen’s LNG tankers

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Rauma Brattvaag has provided anchoring and mooring systems for 140,000m3 LNG tankers built by Daewoo for Bergesen ASA. Combined windlass/mooring winches, each with a cable lifter suitable for 114mm U2 chain and operated by a driving unit with two hydraulic motors. The windlasses for these vessels are specially designed for deep sea anchoring, and the drive unit with two hydraulic motors, enables the anchor chain to be hoisted from a depth of 360m. The package also features seven two- and three-drum mooring winches, each with a hoisting pull of 30tonnes at 15m/min or 50m/min at slack rope. All the mooring winches feature a gear transmission housed in an oil bath, split-type plain bearings, stainless steel-lined band brakes, and a facility for setting the brakes to 60% of the mooring line’s breaking strength



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