Anchor/mooring equipment of the shuttle tanker KNOCK WHILLAN

英文Anchor/mooring equipment of the shuttle tanker KNOCK WHILLAN

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The ship is equipped with an electro-hydraulic combined anchor windlass/mooring winch. The windlass is a 49.5t capacity device rated at 9 m/min, and the mooring winch is 20t capacity device rated at 15 m/min with two drums and two sets. The remaining six sets of mooring winches are also electro-hydraulic devices. A single 250t escort tug hawser mooring system complements the winches. The vessel has a pair of OCIMF standard 200t capacity bow chain stoppers and a single 500t North Sea model. A Maritime Pusnes offshore type emergency towing arrangement is fitted aft, with a Hyundai type arrangement forward



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