Annual effects

英文Annual effects

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The total effects in energy use (measured in megawatt hours) and peak load (measured in kilowatts) caused by all participants in the DSM programs that are in effect during a given year. It includes new and existing participants in existing programs (those implemented in prior years that are in place during the given year) and all participants in new programs (those implemented during the given year). The effects of new participants in existing programs and all participants in new programs should be based on their start-up dates (ie, if participants enter a program in July, only the effects from July to December should be reported). If start-up dates are unknown and cannot be reasonably estimated,the effects can be annualised (ie, assume the participants were initiated into the program on January 1 of the given year). The Annual Effects should consider the useful life of efficiency measures, by accounting for building demolition,equipment degradation and attrition



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