Barrels Per Calendar Day

英文Barrels Per Calendar Day

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The amount of input that a distillation facility can process under usual operating conditions. The amount is expressed in terms of capacity during a 24-hour period and reduces the maximum processing capability of all units at the facility under continuous operation (see Barrels per Stream Day) to account for the following limitations that may delay, interrupt, or slow down production: (1) The capability of downstream facilities to absorb the output of crude oil processing facilities of a given refinery. No reduction is made when a planned distribution of intermediate streams through other than downstream facilities is part of a refinery’s normal operation, the types and grades of inputs to be processed. (2) The types and grades of products expected to be manufactured, the environmental constraints associated with refinery operations, the reduction of capacity for scheduled downtime due to such conditions as routine inspection, maintenance, repairs, and turnaround. (3) The reduction of capacity for unscheduled downtime due to such conditions as mechanical problems, repairs, and slowdowns



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