Capital investment, capital cost, utility assets

英文Capital investment, capital cost, utility assets

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Capital investments: (1)Assets purchased with investors’ money. (2)Any cost incurred in the acquisition of an asset is a capital cost. (3)Usually thought of as meaning investments related to real estate and/or structures, but in a practical sense, it can include any investment in anything that can be sold for cash. (4)Assets and capital investments does not include investment in salaries, fuel, maintenance, or any commodity that doesn’t have cash value on the open market. (5)Utility assets are the cash-value assets that a utility owns. They can include both capital and non-capital investments. Capital costs: Include costs for land, taxes, surveying, construction,inspection, materials, labour, and interest on loans or bonds. Do not include any costs incurred once the facility is functional, although latediscovered expenses must often be added to capital cost well after construction is complete



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