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A large reel with vertical axis used for storage of cables or flexible pipes onboard of offshore support vessels. Carousels can be built into existing tanks or mounted on deck and are loaded via a loading/discharge arm which guides the cable around the cone of the carousel as it turns. Carousels are used for storage during transportation and installation of flexible pipe, umbilicals, risers and other products for offshore applications. A carousel comprises a lower flange located on a central king pin, a hub and an upper flange. The position of the upper flange is adjustable and the flange is locked in place making use of special spacer bars. “Multi-purpose support vessel TOISA PERSEUS is equipped with two 16m diameter under-deck carousels, each with storage capacity of 1225t of product at a maximum bending radius of 4.5m. Product is laid from the carousels via single main hatch in the deck which is surrounded by a 1m high coaming to provide protection from water on deck and increase crew safety.”



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