Central Cooling Water System

英文Central Cooling Water System

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Most cooling systems are made as central cooling ones, which means that there is only one or two large plate heat exchangers equipped with titanium plates. Titanium is the only material that can withstand seawater without corrosion damages. This means that the central cooler can operate without problems using seawater as the cooling medium for the internal freshwater cooling systems. The typical central cooling water system consists of: (1)the Seawater Cooling System, (2)the Freshwater Low Temperature (FW-LT) System, (3)the Freshwater High Temperature (FW-HT) System. The FW-LT System is used for cooling: ME LO Cooler, Camshaft LO Cooler, Jacket Water Cooler, and Scavenge Air Coolers. The FW-HT System is used for cooling the cylinder liners, cylinder covers and exhaust valves of the main engine. Freshwater generator is installed for production of freshwater by utilising the heat in the jacket water-cooling system



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