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Designed and built by Stocznia Szczecińska Nowa the con-ro vessel TIMCA can carry trailers and semi-trailers, commercial vehicles and trucks, as well as MAFI trailers and cassettes, paper reels, and containers. Ro-ro access is over stern ramps to the main deck, with fixed internal ramps linking the three continuous cargo decks. Shore cranes serve the other cargo spaces, including an open-top container hold forward. Aft of the superstructure, removeable cell guidea are fitted for more containers. Three 6000 m3/h electric air dryers are positioned in the holds to protect forest product cargoes from damp weather conditions, whilst damage to cargo by ship movement is restricted by the installation of a pair of Mitsubishi 9m2 retractable fin stabilisers. An airactuated Rolls-Royce Intering 3000m3 anti-heeling system controls list during cargo handling operations. TIMCA features a twin-screw arrangement with a Wärtsilä power plant based on a pair of 12V46C main engines. Each develops 12,600kW at 500rpm and drives Wärtsilä-Lips CP proppeler through Renk reduction gearbox. The propellers operate in conjunction with two Wärtsilä Efficiency rudders. The total machinery package also includes two Wärtsilä 8L20C/A. Van Kaick 1615kVA diesel-alternators, supplementing the output from a pair of A. Van Kaick 2125kVA generators driven from the main engines. All four engines are arranged to burn RMH55-grade heavy fuel oil. Length, oa: 205.20m, Length, bp: 190.00m, Breadth, mld: 25.50m, Depth, mld, to main deck: 9.00m, Draught design/scantling: 7.22/8.52m, Deadweight design/scantling: 11,776/17,450 dwt, Lightweight: 13,200 tonnes, Output: 2×12,600kW at 121rpm, Service speed at 85%MCR: 22.70knots, Cargo capacity (bale): 42,414m3



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