Curtailable demand, curtailable rate

英文Curtailable demand, curtailable rate

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(1)Curtailable Demand: Refers to actual energy, not the demand for it, and means the load (available energy) on a power distribution network or grid that can be decreased (curtailed) at a moment’s notice by an independent service operator. (2) Curtailable Demand: It can also refer to energy that is normally made available to one customer or group of customers but which could be rerouted to another customer if needed. (3)Curtailable Rates: Are typically offered at a discount on the understanding that an ISO could reroute that energy to another customer without notice. When a customer’s curtailable demand is rerouted to someone in greater need or willing to pay a higher price, that customer won’t receive the energy they ordered, but they won’t be charged for it either. Large-scale customers with curtailable demand may include breweries, food processing plants, and some heavy industries that can use energy at any time but may not care about losing that energy if it saves them a certain amount of money to do so



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