Dredging equipment of UKD BLUEFIN

英文Dredging equipment of UKD BLUEFIN

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The dredging equipment features double articulated 700mm diameter trailing suction pipes port and starboard. Each is fitted with a draghead having six nozzles fed from a 260mm diameter jet water pipe. The pipes are handled from three gantries with associated hydraulic winches, the draghead gantries having swell compensators, allowing up to 5m of draghead movement. The suction pipes are designed for simultaneous use, with each connected to a 600kW centrifugal dredge pump driven from the forward end of the main engines through vertically offset step-down gearboxes and fluid-drive couplings. With both pumps running at 260 rev/min, suction pipes deployed at 50deg and dragheads operating at depth of 28m, the 3915m3 hopper can be filled in 29 minutes via two hydraulically-operated lander doors and the forward fishtail of the central lander. Overboard and light mixture discharges are controlled by a radioactive, density/ inductive, velocity transmitter unit in each system. Dredging spoil is dumped through 10 remotely-operated hydraulic 4m x 2m single bottom doors. Alternatively, it can be pumped out of two suction passages fitted with a total of 10 individually hydraulically-operated doors. The jet water system, degassing, 120 hopperwashdown nozzles and six 100mm manually operated hopper-washdown monitors, are supplied from two 1000 m3/h electric pumps



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