Dual-fuel LNG tanker CORAL ENERGY

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Delivered in 2013, the 15,600m³ capacity LNG carrier CORAL ENERGY is the first gas-fuelled ship with mechanical drive to the propeller – previous such installations have all been part of a diesel-electric plant. The ship design has been taken from the eight identical LEG tankers built by Meyer Werft between 2007 and 2010, modified to meet all ice class requirements. And of course, design and construction of the cargo tanks led to a new experience at the Neptun Werft. The propulsion and machinery and the onboard gas plant are state of the art. The direct mechanical drive via gearbox and controllable pitch propeller is the first application of a medium-speed dual-fuel engine on board a new vessel. To date only Wärtsilä is able to offer dual-fuel engines in the power range between about 1000 and 17,500kW. Thus for both main propulsion and generator drive, Wärtsilä engines had been chosen. The eight-cylinder main engine of the 50DF series has an output of 7800kW at a speed of 514rpm. The best specific fuel consumption in the gas mode is 7300 kJ/kWh and the amount of pilot diesel oil at MCR only 2.4 g/kWh. There are two six-cylinder auxiliary engines of the 20DF series with an output of 1056kW each driving the generators. The pilot fuel consumption of these engines is with only 1.0 g/kWh at full load even better than that of the main engine. With the power of 7800 kW the vessel reaches a maximal service speed of 15.8 kn at maximal 4 Bft in gas and diesel mode. To avoid or at least minimize the problems of engine knocking in the Otto mode during acceleration of the vessel she is equipped with a CP propeller type Wärtsilä 4E 1415 D with a diameter of 5400 mm. The engine torque is transmitted to the propeller via a gearbox from Renk. The bow thruster installed was supplied by Verhaar type OFP 1800 with a power input of 850 kW



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