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(1)An agent or facilitator who acts as an intermediary on behalf of energy producers by finding and selling to energy consumers. Alternately, marketers may sell to any party in the supply chain who is downstream from the producer. (2)Marketers assume title to the commodity they trade either by purchasing the commodity or by acting on the producer’s behalf. They earn their profit based on a markup added to the product’s price when it is sold to a customer. In contrast, a broker never assumes title to the energy they are selling and they might transact business on behalf of the seller, the buyer, or both parties. Marketers and brokers may also assist the customer with aggregation, firming and arrangement of ancillary services. (3)Energy marketers are frequently regulated at the state level and must always be certified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Marketers must be able to prove that they cannot or will not undertake any activity that could result in interruption of power transmission, and they are not permitted to act in a way that places pressure on energy markets that could adversely affect consumer prices



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