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The delivery, and more specifically refers to delivery of energy across transmission systems. In some contexts it is used synonymously with transmission, although this use is somewhat misleading since energy can be wheeled through distribution systems as well. Wheeling across transmission systems is generally referred to as wholesale wheeling, since wholesale transactions are nearly always limited to sales made on the transmission grid. Any movement of energy between parts of the system, or within the same part of the system, that involves a change of ownership for the energy. Wholesale wheeling is the sale and delivery of energy among buyers and sellers in the wholesale market, usually to parties who take delivery of the energy on the transmission system. When a utility or energy distribution company delivers, or wheels, energy from the transmission system to an end-use customer, it is referred to as retail wheeling. When a customer who also generates energy produces energy at one site, transports it across someone else’s facilities and consumes it at another site, it is referred to as self-service wheeling



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